Enduro Bike Adventure

Enduro Bike Adventure

I do like my bikes having an own bike since I was around 11. I first got one an off-road bike. The trouble is living in the UK the winter months really aren’t great for biking they’ve been particularly this year has been really frosty loads of ice around loads of salt and that’s just a no-no on a bike too far as I can see but back in May 2015. I did a bit of an adventure on this bike and I took the cameras along but when we got back we looked at it and the audio isn’t great we’ve upgraded the audio since but on this particular eventually wasn’t great it’s 1500 kilometers out in the Pyrenees but we’ve had another look that’s really bugged me that it’s just sat on the shelf for nearly two years. We’re going to know a lot done an edit on it and we’re going to pick it up now when I’m outside the house telling you a bit more about this bike. This is my beta 450 R. This is the bike I generally move around the farm in and behave generally very badly on huge fun it’s quite a horsepower, the same horsepower actually is the Africa twin the 650.

There this is 450 s about 53-54 horsepower this weighs about a hundred and seventeen kilos so it’s a bit of an animal but not quite as much sort of animal as a 450 KTM. Because it’s got so we called multi-link suspension so underneath this all very techy just underneath the swinging arm and that actually keeps two wheels on the ground rather more than the KTM 450. Now you’ll see some bags on the back because I’m about to have a rather a big adventure on this bike. Tomorrow morning it’s getting packed on a van I’m going to be taken down just surf a perfect on which is on the French Spanish border. I’m joining two friends were right on there we’re going to start on the coast of the Mediterranean and then ride over the Pyrenees right across until we hit the Atlantic. The basic plan is we’re not going to use rows away across it’s about 1500 kilometers we might have to use a bit of road we reckon around 100 kilometers a road in all. Next time you’ll see, we’ll be on a beach somewhere in the Mediterranean in a couple of days time.

Where the bikes arrived last night we’re in Cuba this lovely French town right by the Mediterranean you’ll see behind me in video. it’s about 8 o’clock in the morning we’re just having the coffee and they’ve already just a citizen or lawful we go before this big trip now this bike trip what we’re actually trying to do we’re trying to ride from the Mediterranean across to the Atlantic across the Pyrenees. Basically without using Rose it’s a troop of about 1,500 kilometers it’s a bit daft it came about from talking to a mate in my village down eventually both had indoor robots. Why don’t we do a bit of an adventure and he said well I’ve got a mate who says this really fantastic trip which you’d ride across the Pyrenees. Why don’t we do that that was a few weeks ago here we are it’s a bit more serious than I ever envisaged fortunately Jeremy your meters are basically on leader because he does these sort of desert rate things all the time. He has all of a sudden spike which is just crazy we’ve just got to keep up I’ve got no sat-nav on mine John who’s from the village has bought a Garmin so we’ve got to and navigation devices and that’s it.

But the basic what we’re trying to do the brush hill in France did some routes if you want to just come down to the map here cooler it’s right on the coast here so this is Mediterranean coast and you follow this red route along that is the route we’re trying to do but we really wanted to get up to the Atlantic up here so we’re doing a second route to take us on that bit the little bit that worries me is according to these notes this should take seven to nine days and then you got to do this bit but we’re not doing that we’re trying to do it in five days so we’re here and these are our legs as we go through it’s around 300 kilometers a day but you’ll remember this is all off road on these crazy bikes that we have to pack all our stuff on there’s no space for anything and if you want actually that the basic it’s where the fuel stops are how it’s all going to work I don’t know I’ve got a slight cold so apologies for the voice.

I’ve no idea how this is going to turn out how rough the tracks are what’s going to happen but you’re going to join us we’re going to have our copies and then we’re off until some from the left-hand side slight dilemma a very scenic spots and we’re really enjoying yourself but we’re fast running out to fill these bikes well mine only holds eight and a half liters we’ve done about a just over 100 kilometers we’re getting a bit more I’ve got a 2 liter can yeah we’re trying to decide to get fuel we haven’t seen any fuel stops yet and we sort of see the places we’re in we can guess why so yeah I don’t want locals do for feeling listen we’ll have their own oil well bottom the garden some of our siphon we thought fuel would be marginal and so it’s proving I’ve gone on to reserve now I’ve got the two liters in and we’re now in reserve and we’re just desperately trying to find a petrol station and not having a lot of luck.

I think I might be this is an older scenery here for a little longer we’re pretty round here I want to spend the night here into day one 300 Commerce’s just about all off-road and some of it proceeded to have extreme as far as I could service trying to follow a guy who’s just come back from the Libyan rally and think them the hairy Dakar is for the girls that was a bit of a mistake he so it’s quite full on and he was telling me the first day of the Libyan rally was eight hundred kilometers so today three of his music I feel that I’ve done a marathon super tough running out of fear with the phone we’re going to have to watch that tomorrow both stood up pretty well pop he’s just feel when you’re up in the hills is next to impossible we’re actually just going to try and fill him up here I can’t get over it’s empty up there as well didn’t meet another biker really on the trail and then it’s just a matter of six o’clock so it’s taken about 10 hours 12 hours to get weave credible experience we’re going to get our kit which isn’t very much go find something to eat see you later morning it’s the second day of this trip.

I think before we go into the same day it’s worth just explaining how it went yesterday because the surprises kept coming you know we’re left cool or not really knowing what to expect we had this great run out of law it was sought tarmac to begin wave and then a few sort of friendly tracks there were no real problem and then suddenly you’ll fall into him taking her to her you think it’s going to be sand and then though it turns into real rock and I mean the trees and then it’s a really challenging rough run and it’s I still use the skin allergy when you start up the day and you start down a track you have no idea of the green run red run or black run and some of the black runs are pretty extremely on an enduro bike the whole thing to do is just a cat go and really attack it don’t worry about it look so you’ve sort concentrate on the bigger what’s underneath me you’ll just stop keep that confidence.

It helps so having Jeremy at the front is this desert rain fanatic because he’s just charging up he’s got only in suspension or Avery’s by I’m pretty jealous about my still Gary’s not here though because he’s up at the breakfast table and he this thing if you go into here he highlights it so he’s running through the road map this is how we get about you’ll see these put green fur right left his red and he’s marking right through the map so breakfast time is always Jerry with glasses on in his highlight is this like a sort of you got this baby with you has to have coloring in and breakfast but actually it’s pretty serious stuff so he’s doing that we’re going to get packed up and then we get going about five minutes time a very scenic place to stop today having some lunch what’s remarkable mister is how hot it is today’s forecast to be in the 30s and that’s what it sort of feels like just stop for lunch I’m cooking because yeah one of the slight downsides of doing this sort by trip is you have to wear all the gear and all the protective gear we’ve John and I have brought jackets with all the sort of really hard padding inside them and then you got the big motocross boots and I’ve got ski socks on as well so we’re sort of struggling fortunately these jackets and I’ve got something called dark our trousers they’ve got all these vents in it etc so you can open the vents .

When you get up to speed it’s okay but you spend quite a lot of time at lowest speed and there the bike oh we stopped a couple of times just on so navigation and viewing points and it started to spew out water so even the bikes starting to boil up in this sort of thirty degree heat don’t hold much the best that I was to do though is that it you see it isn’t it I think we found the reason for the overheating we would just take the guard off the radiator and there’s all this sort of saw that’s for the farm in Buford not needed today well it’s end of day two just got to the hotel lovely hotel by the lake very lovely but today was even tougher than yesterday and I’m having a little bit of a recess and I’m a bit of a wobble to be truthful yesterday total elevation we’ve got these Garland’s that tell us exactly what we’ve done today was children eighty tormentors total innovation for the day was seven thousand nine hundred meters yesterday was six eight it was really tough there was some intense sections of rock today.

The bikes it’s so hot here we’re in the 30-degree sweating buckets on drinking there’s no tomorrow Jerry’s I mean he’s got through four or five liters of water and he’s come back today I’m about three liters or something but it’s pretty bloody intense trying to dry ride enduro bikes across the Pyrenees coast-to-coast I’m fast discovery especially when you’ll lead man does a couple of desert events a year and is a full-on bike man fabulous guy to do the navigation so experience but he does not want to stop me does not want to stop for anything and we keep going to you just desperately trying to get the cowboy to have a have a drink or something and you you just sup see what he’s roaring off for these very keen to keep that average speed up we’re meant to be doing 50 kilometers an hour off-road we’re about 37 kilometers off-road and when you see some of the sections we’ve been on I mean 30 miles an hour up so slow.

I mean I had one today right see I stored I was in second it was super rocky I had to do and he he’ll start some really annoying but it’s just a few mistakes were sort was starting to creep in just from tireless got arm pump as well 200 250 300 kilometers a day off road on rocks I’m fine is a big ass I had Maalik hugely my companions Jonny’s is an ex bike racer so just love spice he super-fit I’m not super fit I like bikes riding off-road but I am sort of finding my limits oh I’m in a bit of a bubble moment at the moment you’ll see what the morning brings you got to be able to catch up and do what we want to do or kind early start so let’s see what the morning brings at the moment ready for a shower recess go from there okay morning this is day four this trip we’re just having doing the bike service at the moment before we set off it’s just after 7 o’clock in the morning pneumatic drill going in the background you probably wondering where day 3 went well what happened was after a pretty epic day too my arms cried enough and I didn’t that seed go on the pull off road trip on day 3 I’d call it a rest day and did a trip on road from Trent – Eska where we’re staying tonight the other guys did.

It turned into a bit of an etic we’re just doing it yeah trying to do a service bikes in a in a public square as you can see it’s quite busy that’s alright few moments ago but it’s in Hillary’s now it’s hard to get up I’ll just show you on the map where we are okay so I set off in shrimp here’s just south of Andorra’s up there shrimp and came across some beautiful roads all the way to Wesker here the other the other guys did this and it turned it a bit an epic it was about 12 hours in the saddle 360 kilometers and they were absolutely shocked but I reached the hotel last night today we’re off saw her up into the hills this way again just sound for the Pyrenees and ceresco and sort of ending up Pamplona area said the deeper saw the end of the trip of the first road book and then we go into another route but over there premature hopes more if as soon as we set off we saw that the lead by Cassie they have these mooses as they’re called in the tyres so no energy like a solid in a tube replacement but they failed if they overheat and obviously Jeremy’s must have overheated on the road last night so where we’ve stopped in a motorbike place and we’re actually going to put a tube in it over how exhausting it is trying to grab a bit of water a Camelback as well when it’s all going on but this must have been 20 kilometers like this now.

I always gotta be conscious of this someone’s coming other way the radiators deserts and Punisher decided one of our wheels off ready Shrek’s Wow well morning this is fifth day and the final day of this trip and we’re pretty excited because my closer play today we’ll be looking having a wheel in the Atlantic Ocean not the whole bikes the most just the front wheel we hope because we come down look at the route yesterday was pretty spectacular and we came through it don’t like Tuscany incredible rock formations we stayed just in the middle of nowhere I’ve got a green dot to show you I can give you a town and where we actually are but we now follow Jeremy’s pink dotted line across this is going to be quite exciting because we’re actually going over the Pyrenees proper so we’re going to see a bit more altitude today’s we go over the top very we might go off piece that we see so many spectacular as well we don’t know really what to expect on this route because we’re sort of making it up as we go along and at the end we then got a roast trip down to the hotel which is right on the beach close a place and Sanda lose it’s going to be really spectacular when we’re down there and it will be accumulation of a billion momentous trip I think it’s it’s about eight o’clock in the morning it’s time to get going because there’s going to be quite a few kilometers to cover.

We’ve just stopped for lunch at a pretty crucial place because it’s where incense your PA at the port which is the end of our road thing I look at Jerry’s bike squeeze through you’ll see here this is what we’ve been following coming down here coming down here we go into town that is in the partial end of reach there so bit of a momentous moment which is a good job if you look at Jerry’s tires completely shot and the rear is when you start seeing the tarmac is actually hitting there that’s the end of it amazing that the bikes have got round so there is so tough these things they do make packing a bit tricky or I can get in there as a pair of shoes and the camera tool kit in there a 2 liter can of fuel in there that we’ve used pretty regularly as a spare with a can of some energy bars in there and that’s it anyway we’re just going to quick stop cutting lunch and we’re off down to the Atlantic well we’ve reached the Atlantic merace in space called hen day right off the Atlantic coast it is shocking I expected that so be aware that you have no idea that the track so can be easy really hard or next to impossible as you go down this incredible fun though the variety the scenery it’s all spectacular but the best sort of quite Google is super-lightweight enjoy roads like this if you’ve got a BMW GS or something like that be aware you’re not going to be able to do all the tracks you’re gonna have to abandon them although I have to say it’s been easier at the Atlantic end of this trip than the other end around and Dora super-tough tracks there we these are absolutely ace just on rock and the views it was epic.

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