BMW R1200GS Rallye 2018 Review

I’m so excited this is a bike I’ve actually really wanted to ride as someone who’s thinking about buying an adventure bike in their future. We’ll be looking at all the components on this beautiful 2018 R 1200 GS rally Edition that has that TFT display. A 2018 BMW GS rally yep it’s got the black Brook wheels the black engine, the blue frame, the frame protectors and this is also equipped with what they call it the sport [...]


Enduro Bike Adventure

I do like my bikes having an own bike since I was around 11. I first got one an off-road bike. The trouble is living in the UK the winter months really aren’t great for biking they’ve been particularly this year has been really frosty loads of ice around loads of salt and that’s just a no-no on a bike too far as I can see but back in May 2015. I did a bit of an adventure on [...]