Bike Adventure

Top 10 fastest motorcycles in the world

If you were under the impression that only the ghost rider could race the roads at full speed setting fire to the pavement with his Harley you’re completely wrong. In this top you’ll find the most powerful bikes in the world. Are you ready? Get set go. Yamaha YZF r1 With this bike, victory is guaranteed. It was built by the Japanese company Yamaha who is recognized for the good performance of their bikes in World Championships. The YZF r1 has [...]


Enduro Bike Adventure

I do like my bikes having an own bike since I was around 11. I first got one an off-road bike. The trouble is living in the UK the winter months really aren’t great for biking they’ve been particularly this year has been really frosty loads of ice around loads of salt and that’s just a no-no on a bike too far as I can see but back in May 2015. I did a bit of an adventure on [...]