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BMW R1200GS Rallye 2018 Review - Dip Wear

BMW R1200GS Rallye 2018 Review

BMW R1200GS Rallye 2018 Review

I’m so excited this is a bike I’ve actually really wanted to ride as someone who’s thinking about buying an adventure bike in their future. We’ll be looking at all the components on this beautiful 2018 R 1200 GS rally Edition that has that TFT display. A 2018 BMW GS rally yep it’s got the black Brook wheels the black engine, the blue frame, the frame protectors and this is also equipped with what they call it the sport suspension so it’s essentially the adventure suspension on the standard GS. So you know not everybody wants that big 8 gallon tank from the adventure here you have the lighter narrower profile of the standard GS so you can really rip through some woods on this thing the color scheme on this is real cool. I love the way it looks so this one also comes with an optional bench seat. The rally seat which you know if you’re gonna go off-road will allow you to stand and be able to slide forward and back okay on it and then probably the biggest addition on this is going to be the brand-new TFT that’s coming on all these EFT display they call it conductivity. Its nice and vibrant. It’s really really all there is you like the Sun hits it, it doesn’t wash it out you can go through here and check that out your homework computer get a nice picture of your GS BMW motorad connected okay and then through your phone you can get navigation through your display it’s so good you don’t get a map but you get turn-by-turn directions or and if you do have your headset hooked up will also enable the media and telephone functions it said being maybe any Bluetooth headset.

You’ll get your navigation through your speakers in here or helping which is really very cool. Even though this has a phone and suspension around town so you’re put your feet down easier. You’ll feel more comfortable that way. The computer will adjust it. Turn that dial raise it up or down women appreciate it sounds so good twin action so throw a leg over is not that bad at all keyless ride with the button here get on okay maybe it’s pro meaning it’s got the lean angle during cornering ABS. If your suspension flip the switch click and hold. Your ride mode is up in that top right and arrow  and then there’s a plug to enter in enduro Pro so the ride modes are changing things like the power the throttle response I bet sit in enduro probably rear ABS turned off that’s all day just to the rear signal off to the rear. Let me be completely honest with you it is not even that tall look at foot is on the ground I’m barely like pulled to the side and of course I am because I’m five nine thirty inch inseam and this is an adventure bike. She’s a powerful Beast a little misty Saturday, we are out on the bike beautiful 2018 BMW r1200gs rally that is a mouthful but this bike deserves all of those words because it is so flipping cool so I’ve been a big fan of the GS I’ve written the old GS the GSA and I’ve wanted to get on this rally ever since I basically found out that it existed it is an incredibly cool motorcycle I love the paint scheme I love what this is this is like the GS that you always assumed that they would make it’s the GS that I feel like is the most oriented towards off-road riding not that any of them are specifically not but that some of them have a more on-road comfort kind of schema to them whereas this rally edition it’s got the rally seat as an option it still has that beautiful boxer twin that is producing more than enough power and most notably for me is that this now has the TFT display.

I don’t know if you guys remember the old GS display but it was getting a bit outdated I know that there are some purists out there that really love analog tachometers specifically and trust me I thought I was one of them for a really long time until I started thinking to myself you know what embrace the TFT because it provides you with so much more information and it is a really clear way to see it all. Motorcycle I’ve got to go 35 so I put on my handy dandy cruise control. when you put on the cruise control on the TFT it shows you exactly what mile-per-hour you have it set – that’s nifty I like that of course menu I don’t really have to show you guys any of this stuff. I really like this you can have the vehicle information up it’s got the speedometer in the top left if you can’t tell I’m pretty smitten here and then in the top right it has your gear indicator so if I start turning it that way goes down left starts coming back up keep it where it was that highest position. I really like that No buffeting around my helmet although I will say I’m getting a really nice amount of airflow which is one of my big caveat about bikes like big adventure models that have a ton of wind protection when you are riding off-road wind flow is so important because just you’re getting so ridiculously hot that I would not want something that was not giving me any sort of wind like full wind protection is not really what I’m looking for whereas this has the perfect amount res light all in a long journey I’m protected and I don’t feel fatigue.

There’s nothing in my shoulders or chest there’s nothing on my helmet but I’m getting some flow in my arms like my forearms I’m getting flow in my legs so that’s gonna keep me cool on a long summer journey. If I’m out riding enduro of course you stand up I look like I’m towering over the road and then you plop right back down bikes like these man so cool I have no idea how oh did you just hit it up again and then I’m back in it this is an incredibly intuitive system I will say that right here now the heated grips are so warm I want to curl up with a good book under the covers with these heated grips that’s happening. It has the gear shift assist pro means I have the quick shifter and an auto blipper perfect amazing fantastic if I had to think of a word to describe this bike I would say euphoric beautiful enlightened it’s just a great motorcycle I already loved the R 1200 GS. You know genuinely I have been considering getting an adventure bike for a really long time and I’ve gone out and I’ve test rode different things and this is up there it because specifically for me because it fits me so well in terms of a height you know 30 inch inseam is just not gonna cut it on these crazy tall adventure bikes it’s really difficult for me you know you can tiptoe they’re very well balanced. So when you’re riding it’s no big deal but because I am motorcyclist I need it to be at least relatively safe in stop-and-go traffic or in low-speed situations where I’m having to kind of walk the bike around and on things like the KTM 1290 super adventure R which has a really tall 35 plus inch towering seat height and non adjustable in terms of its you know on-the-fly electronic adjustment suspension.

In the minimum suspension mode, I can have rode dynamic and I know I’m going off-roading I can push it back up to either auto which just generally reads the weight of the rider and adjust ascension height accordingly or I can put it in max and have that max suspension travel put it in some sort of enduro off-road mode and just be on the perfect adventure bike in an off-road situation.  The wide bars are I mean they give you so much leverage it is like it’s like riding a supermoto you know you’re upright you got wide bars crazy back into power this is proper this is nice taking Creamery Road now little twisty bits twisty bits love the auto blipper in situations like that where you’re coming into a turn and you’re focused on your braking. Now we’re talking that is properly quick it doesn’t feel quite as planted it’s something like a nest thousand are but you know that’s just you got a lot more suspension travel I’m definitely not on equivalent tires to what I have on a sport bike and of course it just takes a little getting used to all right if I had to give this a score out of 10 which I’ve been doing recently I’d say this is easily a 9.2 it’s incredibly comfortable I think it’s incredibly practical I think that the power is you know usable but outrageous it has tons of power.

At no time do I think that it’s overpowered of course it’s not underpowered the technology and the features 10 out of 10 like seriously everything you’d want out of a BMW the suspension is like a 15 out of 10 having that minimum and maximum and then all the roads are amazing so easily 9.2 maybe even higher than that I’m just trying to be you know a bit subjective here I’d say negatives quickshifter not the smoothest I’ve used I’m hard pressed I’m hard pressed to find negative things about this bike it’s just that good a Creamery Road is fantastic.  That halls serious that is some real power right there but that is going to do it for this review. I love it I just do and I know I say that a lot but I knew that I would like this bike and I’m so excited that it met may exceeded my expectations which were high you know I got up the bagger and I really like the bagger but I think something I said in that review was that you expect a BMW to be exceptional so when it meets that threshold you just go. I think that this exceeded that exceptional rating that I already had in my mind the T of T is above and beyond the power delivery is fantastic the suspension is just so useful especially for someone like me who’s on the shorter end of the scale that really wants to get in to an adventure bike and that’s just it just opened the door for me when I sat on this key put the suspension down I knew I could own this bike with no issues so really amazing thank you guys so much for reading.

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